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Selling & Refinancing your unit
​​There are many items concerning selling your condo that – if you are prepared – can make your closing and transfer of title a quick and easy more​​

Living in a condominium

Since there are many new residents at Deer Hedge Run, the Trustees believe a brief explanation of condo living could be helpful for unit owners and residents. When you purchase a condominium, you have two forms of ownership. First of all, you directly own the inside of your more....

Parking at Deer Hedge Run

The owners of each Unit shall have the exclusive use of two (2) parking space(s) to be designated in initial Unit Deed from the Grantor.
The Parking Spaces may be used only for parking of private automobiles, motorcycles, and noncommercial vans
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Leasing your unit

What you need to know if you lease out your unit..Read more


The multi-year siding project is now complete. 



Spring/Summer 2019

Buildings 1, 13, 15, 16, 17 & 18

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Roofing ​​

The multi-year roofing project is now complete.​

​​​Calendar of events

November 27th - Recycling

December 3rd Happy Chanukah

December 11th - Recycling

December 25th -Merry Christmas

December 26 - Recycling

January 1st  - Happy New Year

January 8th - Recycling

January 21st - MLK Day

January 22nd - Recycling

February 5th - Recycling